is an IP address used by many wireless routers and modems. With the help of this address, WiFi routers can be accessed to customize network name and password, change settings, upgrade firmware and much more. However, IP address depends on the router brand you use.

Here, IP stands for Internet Protocol by which data packets are transmitted from one PC to another on internet. Every device connected with internet has at least one IP address which gives a unique identity to it from other devices. IP addresses are of two types: External and Internal. An External IP address is public address through which other people on internet can identify you. On the other hand, an Internal IP address is allocated to a particular device within LAN network by wireless home or office router. falls in the category of internal IP address.

How to Access NETGEAR Router Admin IP Address? is known as NETGEAR Router Login Admin IP address. It is also called host address. It opens the login page for routers where several settings like WAN and WLAN settings, username and password, proxy block, security settings, hosting preferences and a lot more can be customized as per the needs.

Once the router has been connected to internet, you will be redirected to Router Admin Login page. After entering username and password, make sure to use the optimum security for router network usage. Here are the steps to log in to NETGEAR WiFi Router through

  1. Make a connection between computer and router. Ensure that there is a tight connection.
  2. Launch any web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.
  3. Write in the address bar and press Enter key.
  4. NETGEAR Router Login page will open asking username and password.
  5. After logging in successfully, change settings according to your requirements.

In case you find any trouble while logging into router admin IP address and are looking for NETGEAR Router Support, we can help you in fixing your issues. Simply give us a call on our toll-free number 1-888-884-6940 and resolve all your router problems within minutes.

Change Login Admin Password

When you purchase a new NETGEAR WiFi Router for house or workplace, it comes with its own default settings. Even router is only accessible with default username and password. After that, these login credentials can be changed for your convenience. And for the security purpose, it is very important to change the default router password. Let’s have a look at the following steps to change IP Login Admin Password:

  1. Open an internet browser on computer.
  2. Navigate to webpage.
  3. The login page will display.
  4. Type the default username and password.
  5. The basic welcome screen appears.

  1. Go to Advanced tab.
  2. Type the old password and then new password.
  3. Re-enter new password.
  4. Once done, you will be redirected to login screen.
  5. Type new password and log in to NETGEAR Router.

Facing issues with Admin Password? Opt for NETGEAR Router Support

While creating a new password, make sure that it is a strong one. In order to access Router Login webpage, you need a password. A strong password is a combination of lower case, upper case, punctuation symbols and numbers. Avoid using your birth date, 12345, abcde, password or nickname as password. If you are looking for NETGEAR Router Support on how to make a secure router network, get in touch with IT personnel at 1-888-884-6940. They can offer prompt solutions to all your issues. is not working

Cannot access router IP address? Don’t worry. Here are some possible quick fixes of is not working issue:

  1. Re-type NETGEAR Router Default IP address in browser window. Maybe you have entered wrong IP address e.g. www., and www. are incorrect. Alternatively, you can use IP address.
  2. Make sure the web browser is downloaded from a reliable source, not from third-party links. It is suggested to uninstall the browser and install it again.
  3. Try restarting your computer or laptop.
  4. Check if the computer is connected to right WiFi network. Ensure it has not joined another network e.g. public WiFi or neighborhood network by mistake.
  5. Set a static IP address on computer.
  6. Verify wired connections once and try logging in again.

In case the IP address is still not working or you need any type of NETGEAR Router Support, we can help you out. Feel free to contact our experts’ team at toll-free number 1-888-884-6940. You can also chat with online technicians or send an email along with your issue. Our experts will get right back to you with simple yet targeted solutions.